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Do you enjoy healthy foods?
Do you want fresh, affordable produce on campus?
Do you want to support our local economy and the local food system?

Sprout is a new business venture developed by Nourish International-UNC, a student movement for sustainable development and a proud member of the Campus Y. Sprout partners with local, sustainable farms to provide fresh, seasonal produce available for pick-up on campus. This venture supports our local economy and food system while making healthy food more accessible to students and faculty.

After joining Sprout, you will receive a bag full of local, seasonal produce each week for six weeks. These bags will be available for pick up at the Campus Y. You will receive a variety of produce each week, depending on the harvest calendar.

A Single Bundle of Sprout cost $60 (that’s only $10 per week!) for fresh, local produce delivered right to campus! For groups of students or for families, the larger Suite Bundle is $168. You can purchase a season of Sprout in-person with cash, check, or credit card with a Sprout coordinator, or online.

To find out more, check out our Facebook , follow our Twitter, and see the pages above for answers to FAQs/to sign up!

Hello Sprout!

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