Where do I pick up my produce?

  • In the Carolina Student Union. There will be a Sprout table set up along the wall in the main area near Alpine Bagel. The specific address is:

3103 FPG Student Union, CB # 5210

Corner of South and Raleigh Road

Chapel Hill, NC 27599-5210

For GPS devices and directions use:

209 South Road, Chapel Hill, NC 27599

When do I pick up my produce?

  • Tuesdays from 4-7 PM.

 What if I am not free during the normal pick-up time?

  • Let a Sprout coordinator (sproutunc@gmail.com) know that you have a conflict, and we can arrange an alternative pick-up or delivery time for you.

 When does this service start?

  • The first pick up date of the Spring 2015 season is Tuesday, January 20th.

How much does it cost?

  • Payment is $20/week for the Recommended Box, and the prices of other items vary.

 How can I pay for Sprout?

  • Cash
  • PayPal online

What if I have received a damaged item?

  • Email sproutunc@gmail.com within 36hrs of when you received your produce, and the Sprout team will re-order the item for you the following week, free of charge.

Where does my produce come from?

  • Bella Bean Organics, an online farmer’s market that partners with many local, organic, and sustainable farms in North Carolina.

 Why not just go to the grocery store?

  • Sprout is here to provide you easy access to quality produce. If you are a student, Sprout allows you to avoid a trip all the way to a grocery store or the supremely early Carrboro Farmers Market on an untimely Saturday morning.
  • If you are a faculty member or live off campus, Sprout allows you to pick up your week’s produce on the way home from campus with zero-hassle pick up at the Carolina Student Union.
  • Sprout provides Bella Bean Organics’ fresh, local, and sustainable produce to the UNC community. Additionally, all of our profits work go to Nourish International’s summer projects, doing community-based development work to help make the world a more equitable place.
  • If you’re going to buy food, why not “do good” too? Sprout: it’s produce with a purpose.

 Where does this money go?

  • 100% of the proceeds of Sprout go to support sustainable development projects through Nourish International’s community-based partner organizations around the world. See our website for more info!

 Where can I get more information?

  • You can follow our Twitter and Facebook . With questions, comments, or concerns, email sproutunc@gmail.com – we’re always happy to hear from you!

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