Spring 2013 Kickoff and Recipes Galore!

Guten morgen, Sprout buddies!

Today marks the opening of our new season! Later this morning, we’ll be getting a shipment of fresh, local produce from Coon Rock Farms. We hope to see all of y’all who signed up from 3-6 pm at our table in front of the Campus Y! There you’ll be able to pick up your lovely bundle of veggies AND sign up for our text-reminder service.

This week’s bundles include kale, rutabaga, and sweet potatoes – with Super Bundles receiving tatsoi! For those of you who don’t know (because I didn’t at all), tatsoi is a delicious cross between bok choy and spinach in both look and taste. It is native to China and has been cultivated in Japan for centuries!

We hope you enjoy!


1) Roasted Rutabaga

2) Tatsoi – soup combinations

If you have friends that are totally jealous of your awesome veggie bundles, they still have time to sign up! We are still currently selling Sprout, but it will be at a prorated cost: $50 for Single and $140 for Super. These will be for only 5 weeks, instead of the regular 6 weeks.

Anyone can sign up via PayPal, Square, Cash or Check until tomorrow (Friday March 1st)!


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